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Hello all and thank you for taking a minute to read what we are about and who we are. My name is Lucas, some call me Luke, and have been with my wife, Holly, for 16 years now. Eleven of those years were shared with our late American Bulldog, Max, although we are still fortunate enough to enjoy time with his older brother, Diesel.

While we love spending time with one another and share many passions, family and friends are right there too. There is great satisfaction to be had when everyone is gathered around a cozy fire, or grill, or just a casual evening at the patio or pool. We both love to accommodate and entertain whenever given the opportunity.

Given the fact that, Holly, has been in the service industry for over 20 years and myself in manufacturing, we tend to look at things in two completely different perspectives but always end up with the same conclusion. It sometimes scares us both how like-minded we are but how different. The two of us are huge connoisseurs of many types of food and drinks and are always eager to try something new and different.

Laughter Is Contagious РFriends.  Family.  Fun.

When the air is filled with smiles and laughter, there seems to be a sensation that feels electric. Life is too short to stay planted in front of a monitor or TV for hours on end. The benefits of feeling connected with mother nature far outweigh what is received from being glued to a couch.

Sometimes people just don’t know how to unwind and treat themselves to rightfully deserved time off. I’m not encouraging you to buy a hammock and spend the next three weeks napping on your porch, but rather explore many options and feel what’s right. Perhaps it’s not about tranquility at all.

The house is for shelter and sleep while the outdoors is God’s invitation to pleasure. Whether alone or in the company of others, there are many options to get out and live. City or country, hot or cold, there is a place for everyone, you just have to make the time.

When You Are Happy, We Are Happy

All too often I hear people moaning and groaning about the weather, or the seasons changing, or just flat out not happy about the geographical location they reside in. If you aren’t willing or it’s not an option to pack everything up and move, then you are severely limited to fulfilling happiness. Unless, you acclimate yourself to your surroundings and make the best of it.

Whether it be short term or a lifestyle change, my goal is to encourage you to stray away from your everyday routine and try something different. To introduce you to new and exciting ideas that you would’ve otherwise never tried for whatever reason. Hosting a kid’s birthday party or having ladies night, we can supply you with what you need and help you achieve that experience.

With a little insight and knowledge, I assure you we can get you pointed in the right direction for whatever event you may want to participate in. Rain or shine, hot or cold, for him or her, it’s our pleasure to offer the latest and greatest products and advice for that special occasion.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Best Regards,



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