Barbecue Grill Accessories

Barbecue Grill Accessories-And So Much More!

Outdoor Grilling-Why Not?

Unless you are highly allergic to everything imaginable outside, I strongly suggest everyone at least give grilling a fair shot a few times.  Food in general can bring people (and pets, lol) together in so many ways.  The outdoor grilling accessories that are available today only simplify the process to where pretty much anyone can master the art.  One of the primary reasons some people may not like to grill is that they are inexperienced and haven’t had much practice or knowledge of what’s involved.

Hot dogs and hamburgers over fire for your kids birthday party is a lot more appealing than some overpriced greasy pizza half stuck to the top of the delivery box.  Date night with mamma but you don’t want to go anywhere?  How about a bottle of wine and a nice thick yellowfin ahi tuna steak with some roasted asparagus on the side?  Have some time to kill?  Throw a whole chicken on the spit and watch it baste itself over low indirect heat.  You are the artist with a blank canvas.

The Perfect Steak

Nobody comes out of the womb as a master steakhouse chef.  If you have never burned a steak or flat out ruined it with the seasoning, then you haven’t experimented enough.  Practice makes perfect…  There are thousands of recipes and opinions on different techniques along with dos and don’ts out there but not here, not now.

My tried and true recommendations will be a whole other post as it can get lengthy.  Find what works for you and run with it.  Although, there is one item that is a necessity and that is a good instant read digital thermometer.  Without this handy tool, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Gas vs Charcoal

This debate has been beat to death over and over again on the interweb.  I honestly feel that the people who despise charcoal, could never get the hang of controlling their grill.  There definitely is a bit more of a learning curve at first but a great deal of satisfaction when you master the coals.

Gas is completely fine too but ultimately it is a personal preference in taste.  I call BS on the convenience factor of gas due to the fact that running out of a tank of gas with a chunk of beef on the grates is not real convenient in my eyes.  Besides, waiting 20-30 minutes for your coals to become scorching hot is a perfect time to season your meat and enjoy your favorite beverage.  A quality charcoal chimney makes this pregame task a breeze.

Grilling Is Only For Steaks

Wrong!  So, you don’t eat meat.  Or you have a specific diet that is limited.  No problem here as we have literally grilled everything you can think of, besides ice cream.  Seasoned grill grates can add the perfect hint of flavor to any soy burger that will make people question your protein.  Kids want chicken nuggets and cheese sticks?  Throw them on the grill.

You essentially have an outdoor oven in which can double as a congregation piece while keeping the kitchen mess free.  Some of the best vegetables, especially corn on cob, comes right off the grill.  Pizza, frozen or homemade cooks up beautifully over some coals or propane.  Low and slow cornish hens over indirect heat will make everybody think twice about birds.  Regardless of whats on your grill, you will need a good set of long (12″ or more) tongs to get your goodness safely and securely on and off the grates.

Keep It Simple And Safe

Grilling outdoors surrounded by family and friends can be very much rewarding, especially when that perfect meal is served up.  While you are multitasking and mingling, remember there are a few things that need bot be forgotten.  Obviously, the grill will be very hot-so no little ones around the barbie.  Also, be aware of your surroundings as the grill may emit a few embers occasionally, especially charcoal grills.  Follow the proper lighting procedures when using a gas grill and be sure to shut the gas off at the tank when not in use to prevent a knob getting accidentally turned on.

When first getting into this enjoyable outdoor activity, don’t overwhelm yourself.  Your first couple attempts may not be fantastic.  Don’t beat yourself up but I wouldn’t recommend inviting the neighborhood over at this point of your learning curve either.  It all takes patience and like anything else, if you plan, prep, and execute, you will not want to order out near as much.  Remember, experience is a progressive learning process that requires experience to gain experience.





4 Replies to “Barbecue Grill Accessories”

  1. You are so right, grilling is not just for steaks, anything that needs fire to be cooked I can grill it. I use my grill all year round, and I live in NJ. The end justifies the means in the winter.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Courtney. Residing just outside of Chicago, we get some pretty decent winter days. When everyone else is cooped up inside, we love to venture out, maybe start a snow fire and fire up the grill. The cold, fresh, crisp air just amplifies the taste buds! -Lucas

  2. I love grilling! I’m even a bigger cheater and I have an electric grill. Only because I’m not able to do the charcoal and as you mentioned, I don’t want to mess with the empty tank when I’m ready to grill. Some people may say it’s not really grilling but it sure tastes darn good! Thank you for the post and thank you for making me hungry 🙂

    1. Great point, Lynne. While electric grills are not as common, they are gaining traction and are a great convenient alternative to the others. They can produce some extremely hot temperatures that will enable you to achieve that perfect flavorful sear every time. -Lucas

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