Backyard Lighting

So, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a moon lit evening or a sky full of stars, there are options. Bottom line is nobody enjoys hanging out in the dark. But, in the same aspect, not many like to be under the spotlight either. This is where the correct lighting such as solar tiki torches could make all the difference.

Tiki TorchesOil Tiki Torch

What a better way to light the walkway, patio or deck than with real flame? Tiki torches can be purchased in bundles to really save some cash and look amazing when you have 20 or 30 lit in the back yard. Not only do they give off a romantic glow, they are also a bug repellent when you burn citronella oil. These torches range in height from 2 to 5 feet and come in many materials including bamboo, steel, and aluminum. One of the most attractive and least expensive ways to add an elegant touch to any outdoor setting can be obtained with a tiki torch.

Solar Tiki Torches

A great alternative for anyone who doesn’t need or can not tolerate the oils of standard tiki torches. These solar torches come in several types, sizes, and styles. Dusk to dawn, LED, realistic flickering flame priced anywhere from $20-$50 per torch. Offering anywhere from 20-50 lumens, they are not a bad route to go if you are looking for some ambient lighting.

String-LightsString Lights

Not to be confused with rope lights, string lights are catching on and becoming more and more popular these days. These lights probably are the most diverse in options when it comes to lighting up the fun. They range from silly, cartoon like characters on a string, to simple round bulb type, to cool old school LED antique bulbs. You can purchase very inexpensive 10′-20′ lengths all the way up to high end, dimmable, color changing 50′ lengths. These look great when suspended through open air such as spanning a stretch from your deck to a tree and back.

Rope LightsRope-Lights

While different from string lights, this option is a big value. They typically are installed as accent lighting to where one can not directly see the light source. For instance, under a deck ledge or railing, under a bar top or simply outlining a patio. These are very easy to install, come in multiple lengths and can even be remotely controlled to change colors and brightness.

Dinner-CandlesLanterns and Candles

Are you looking for just enough table lighting to enjoy each others company while setting a calming mood? Dinner and wine on the deck with just a few close friends? Traditional candles seem to not be so common anymore so what a better way to change things up? Any chance of wind though, you’d better have some battery operated candles on standby. If you don’t want such an intimate setting, there are battery operated LED lanterns. These little but mighty units are fully adjustable that can light up a small end table all the way up to providing enough light for a full picnic table and then some.


It is getting dark, the party started a little late and everyone is just now starting to enjoy the yard games. Time to turn on the flood lights. These lights are either permanently fixed to a structure or you have some mobile lights on a tripod, fence post, or even setting on the ground. It is a good idea to set up a test run the night before your party so you can strategically place your lights and games accordingly without blinding your guests. Then, once darkness falls, all you have to do is simply turn them on and everyone thinks you’re the greatest since sliced bread. This also prevents yourself being distracted from enjoying your guests and partaking in the festivities. One important aspect to remember is that if you are going to need extension cords, try to place them in a discreet manner as it will look much cleaner but more importantly, you don’t want to trip anyone. Lastly, if you plan on having an all out bash and have the property to do so, elevated mobile light plants can be rented for a reasonable fee. These are very useful in lighting up a couple acres at once and are a self-contained unit.

ExitDon’t Be Left In the Dark

One area pertaining to lighting that a lot of people tend to overlook is where your guests will park their vehicles and where they will exit. Be sure there is sufficient lighting for them to safely navigate their way to their cars and leave the party. A few little LED lanterns or similar lights strategically placed will do the trick. Some of the most memorable moments are made after the sun goes down, so don’t let a little darkness rain on your parade.





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